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You are welcome to use this form for comments and enquiries.

We do not undertake free searches of the archive. You can search for yourself - please use this form quoting "Search request" in the subject and giving your name, address and phone number.
We will undertake archive searches for topics and supply transcript extracts by email at a cost of £25 per operator hour, with a minimum charge of £25.00, payable in advance. This is only chargeable if material is found, but applies whether any found material is subsequently used or not. Please use the form below to request this service.

We are not able to assist in enquiries regarding family ancestry, records of births, deaths, etc. Our archive does not contain any such material. The only reference to individuals we hold are names who may perhaps have been mentioned in course of an interview, or the names of our interviewees. The transcripts of their interviews can be found by entering their names using our search facility.
Genealogy enquiries should be directed to the relevant official records office which for Ambleside is the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths, County Offices, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4RQ, UK. Tel 01539 773566. You cannot get this information online and you may be told that you need to search the records personally.

If you wish to have copies of Transcripts or sound CDs of interviews CLICK HERE

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